Perth Exposed Aggregate Concrete Services

Exposed aggregate, also commonly known as Washed aggregate concrete, is popular for a reason. The unique finish is a great addition to any home and can significantly improve your kerb appeal. Plus, with proper care and regular maintenance, an exposed aggregate surface will last you a lifetime. Because of its durability and hassle-free cleaning, decorative concrete is the perfect choice for driveways, patios, paths, pool surrounds or pool deck, and other outdoor features.

Concrete Society is a reliable provider of decorative concrete in Perth. If you’d like to work with us, contact Ryan at 0400 227 186 or fill out this form to request a free quote today!

What We Offer At Concrete Society

With exposed aggregate, the options are limitless. Any colour, any kind of stone, and in any combination – just let us know what you want, and we’ll do the rest.

At Concrete Society, we provide the following kinds of exposed aggregate:

Standard Grey Exposed Aggregate

Fast, affordable, and customizable, standard exposed aggregate is our most economical option. As a concrete contractor we can supply and install standard grey concrete but finish it with an exposed concrete finish. You get the aesthetics of exposed aggregate without paying for a decorative concrete mix. An exposed aggregate driveway is perfect for a trendy yet timeless look!

Decorative Exposed Aggregate

Decorative exposed aggregate is our most popular option, it allows you to select the colour and type of stones you will see throughout the final finish. At Concrete Society, we have working relationships with all of the major concrete suppliers in Perth so we are happy to supply and install any of the decorative concrete mixes available in your area. Or if you are unsure we are help with your selection and provide advice on what mixes are currently in trend.

For a fully customisable option we also offer seeded exposed aggregate concrete. This is where you select what you would like embedded in the concrete and we place these in the concrete before it goes hard according to your preferred design, creating a gorgeous patio or driveway that’s unlike any other. Popular items to have embedded include glow stones (stones that glow in the dark), recycled glass and shells.

Honed Aggregate

Honed concrete is perfect if you want that extra bit of polish. Our honed aggregate floors are smooth, slip-resistant, and extremely sophisticated. For more information on our polished concrete products please click on the link to see our honed concrete options.

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate For Your Driveways, Poolsides, & More

If you take care of it, exposed aggregate will last a lifetime, even in high-traffic areas. An exposed concrete driveway, patio, or pool surround means less hassle and more savings in the long run.

Easy To Maintain
You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing dirt and grime off your new driveway. Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are extremely easy to clean with just a broom, pressure washer, and your favourite cleaning products.

If you want the aesthetics of natural stone without the high price tag, exposed aggregate concrete is your best bet. The stones embedded throughout the concrete add depth and texture while still being budget-friendly.

Do you want a specific colour or type of stones? Polished concrete or a textured finish? We can make it happen. Completely customised mix designs are possible, with each project is painstakingly designed and executed to perfection – and no two designs are ever the same!

Exposed aggregate, done by a professional, can be absolutely breathtaking. Natural stones shimmering in the light add a touch of luxury to your home, and increase its kerb appeal and property value, too.

How To Care For Your Concrete Surfaces


Cleaning your Concrete Society exposed aggregate driveway or patio is easy. Simply sweep and hose off the surface once a week or as necessary. Make sure to avoid harsh chemical cleaners on your exposed aggregate concrete as it could compromise the floor’s durability and appearance.

Spills & Stains

Our exposed aggregate concrete in Perth is designed to be spill and stain-resistant. As much as possible, hose down any spills immediately. Use a non-scratching tool (e.g. a wooden spatula, a vinegar and water solution, or even a pressure washer) to scrub out stubborn stains and work the grime off.


We use high quality materials and seal all of our exposed aggregate concrete surfaces to improve its lifespan and reduce the risk of staining. Concrete Society recommends that you have it resealed every three to four years, especially if it’s in a high-traffic area and/or outside.

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