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Concrete Society provides a range of polished concrete flooring solutions in Perth that will leave your surface with a unique finish. We are polished concrete specialists, focusing on honed and mechanically polished concrete for both residential and commercial settings and the construction industry.

Polished concrete floors are becoming the go-to floor for designers and homeowners due to its versatility, raw beauty, and style. Of all the possible finishes on a concrete floor, mechanically polished concrete is a great solution because of its versatility, durability, uniqueness and its low maintenance.


Concrete Society can mechanically polish your floors in Perth to achieve a range of finishes. From minimal stone exposure for that industrial, raw look or fully exposed stones for that up-market contemporary finish. From a mat sheen to a high gloss finish, the choice is yours. Concrete Society is one of the best polished concrete floor contractors in Perth, Western Australia. So, if you’re looking for professional concrete polishing contractors, you can always count on us.

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Routine Care & Maintenance
Polished concrete offers a high-performance surface with low maintenance; however, these surfaces do requires routine care & maintenance. It is difficult to judge the amount of cleaning and maintenance required for each individual floor. Consider the following cleaning method below:

Daily Clean
Decorative concrete surfaces should be dry mopped daily using a microfiber applicator pad. Dirt and dust can act as an abrasive when tracked across polished concrete which can cause the sheen and clarity of the surface to deteriorate over time.

Weekly Clean
A polished concrete floor should be wet mopped once a week with warm water. It is important that the mop and water itself are clean throughout the cleaning process. The mop head should be periodically rinsed when soiled and water changed out when it becomes dirty. In commercial buildings, automatic floor scrubbers can be used to clean the floors. Mop and bucket cleaning can be used for smaller areas.

Fortnightly-Monthly Maintenance

The concrete floor should be wet mopped once a fortnight to a month with a pH-neutral cleaner as per the instructions on the cleaning product container.

The use of polished concrete cleaning products specifically formulated for the sealer applied will provide an even better clean and will rejuvenate the sealer.

Do not use harsh or aggressive cleaners on your polished concrete floors as it will deteriorate the performance of the floor over time.

Spills & Stains

A polished concrete floor will resist spills and stains better than most flooring solutions because of their extremely hard and dense surface characteristics. This does not, however, mean that polished concrete floors are stain proof and care should be taken to ensure all spills are wiped up as soon as possible.

Stubborn deposits (i.e. dried food) should be removed from the concrete surface using a non-scratch implement such as a wooden spatula.

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents as these may damage the surface of the concrete. Nail polish remover, bleach, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, permanent markers, and paint strippers are all examples of products that should not come into contact with the surface of the concrete to avoid damaging its natural beauty.

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